The Super ShowDown WWE competition held in Saudi Arabia this past weekend had a bit of challenge for the country itself thanks to Finn Bálor. Just hours before the event was set to take place at the King Abdullah Sports City. Bálor snapped a photo of him at the venue wearing a t-shirt that spelled out “Equality” in various symbols and posted it on Instagram and Twitter with the caption “Love is love. Happy Pride Month from Saudi Arabia! #BalorClubForEveryone“ The post included rainbow colored emojis signifying support for LGBTQI Pride Month.

The move is significant because Saudi Arabia is one of 9 countries that uses the death penalty to criminalize homosexuality and is ranked as one of the five worst countries in the world for LGBT rights. Thus, making Bálors show of support very risky for someone with such a large profile and media presence. Many would assume that Bálor would wait until after leaving the country to make the post, but he chose to share it while still in the country just hours before the start of the competition.

Finn Bálor has long been a supporter of the LGBTQI community and has regularly worn shirts and has been outspoken toward LGBTQI inclusion and equality, especially in the WWE. At Wrestlemania in New Orleans last year, Bálor made a grand entrance into the event surrounded by members of the LGBTQI community wearing rainbow t-shirts to raise money for GLAAD. That event was also the debut of the WWE’s first openly lesbian wrestler, Sonya DeVille.

At the Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, Bálor went on to defeat Andrade at the event and retained the Intercontinental Championship title. Making it a win win!

By Dirk Smith