What a better way to educate people about cycling safety than on one of the world’s largest cycling events! The AIDS Lifecycle is a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that takes place every June to raise money and awareness for lifesaving HIV/AIDS research. Thousands of people take part every year in the seven-day ride, with legs anywhere from 60 miles to 120 miles per day. The ride hosts various themed days that make the ride more about community, fun, and adventure… with maybe a little cycling in there too.

Day 2 is “Orange Safety Day” in which the participants don their best, and most FABULOUS orange outfits! The idea is to wear a bright orange outfit, reminiscent of the traffic cones often utilized on the ride to promote safety and awareness of cyclists and cycling to drivers on the roads. In addition, Day 2 also featured an appearance from the famous “Otter Pop Stop” water station. Check out some of our favorite outfits from Day 2 of this year’s ride!

Find out more about how to donate and get involved with AIDS LifeCycle here!

By Dirk Smith