Featured in our May/June PRIDE Issue!

The Compete Sports Diversity Council’s members thrive on competition. At its core, competition is strategy, preparation and execution. When the moment opportunity meets preparation, few are able to execute a plan that allows a champion to be crowned (or born).

Moments when the blood boils to the point that people will no longer be bullied are moments that change history, just like the Stonewall Riots that happened 50 years ago. Not a surprise that a group of Drag Queens stood up and said “no more,” changing the course of history.

Today one the most successful competitions in the LGBTQ+ herstory is RuPaul’s Drag Race; it has conquered nine Emmy Awards. RuPaul’s success led to other competition shows—reality and drama. FX’s Pose, whose cast is featured in this issue demonstrate that.

While shows like Drag Race and Pose capture competition via the television, events such as Gay Bowl XIX in New York City, Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong, Gay Softball World Series in Kansas City, IGLA Melbourne 2020 and the Sin City Classic in Las Vegas prove that live competition breaks through barriers and breaks down walls. Both types of competition are worldwide phenomena.

And it is the Compete Sports Diversity Council (CDSC) that brings together these events, each with over 100 other members in one place—sportsdiversitycouncil.com.  The CSDC is a membership organization that unites our members to harness The Power of Sports Community, proving that no matter where you are, it’s a small world.

I encourage you to visit our website and become a part of our sports community.

Jared Garduno
Vice President- Compete Sports Diversity