Featured in our July/ August Swimsuit Issue of Compete Sports Diversity!

Welcome to the Preview Edition of our first-ever Compete Sports Diversity Playbook!

The Compete Sports Diversity Council’s (CSDC) Playbook is designed to introduce our members to each other and to prospective sponsors and/or partners. Compete has been a labor of love since its inception back in 2006. And as an early leader in the sports diversity movement, we continue to be thrilled at the positive change and growth that’s continuing to take place.

One of the things we realized along the way was a need for sports teams, leagues and organizations large and small to get to know one another and help one another out. There also needed to be a way for them to meet current and prospective corporate partners and sponsors as well as travel groups, CBVs, community groups and even individuals. The ability to work together made sense for everyone. What was needed was a way to harness the immense power of the overall sports community in a way that was in some way a win-win for everyone involved.

To answer that need we created the Compete Sports Diversity Council and we’re very excited about the future of the CSDC. Our first official meeting consisted of three members. Today the CSDC has over 100 members. Some of our members are small, some are very large but they all want to open sports to all individuals no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

To see the Council grow is something everyone at Compete—and our members—are very proud of. And if you aren’t already a part of the CSDC, please accept my personal invitation to join us as we continue to lay a positive foundation for sports participation through our Five IDEAL Principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Acceptance and Leadership.

Please visit our website at sportsdiversitycouncil.com There you can:

  • View our updated membership list
  • Download our Membership Guide
  • Check out our events calendar
  • Sign up for a committee
  • More to come

The Preview Edition will be updated and expanded when we launch our Fall/Winter Playbook later this year.

With You;

Eric Carlyle