West Hollywood, better known as WeHo is home to WeHo Dodgeball, Southern California’s premier adult co-ed dodgeball league. Formed by Jake Mason in September of 2012 with the purpose of being more community-oriented, it’s one of the reasons that the league has grown so quickly. And the community has responded positively to the league’s local efforts that are actually a part of its charter by offering special discounts for league members.

There’s another reason why this league is so successful. They like to have fun, a common reason given by ally athletes as to why they like to play on gay teams and leagues. If you look at WeHo Dodgeball Rules, you’ll find this:


JakeMasonRetouched-4057“First and foremost, all of us are here to have fun.  While dodgeball can be a competitive sport, it is important to remind ourselves that we are all adults running around in silly outfits while throwing rubber balls at each other.  Please try to maintain a level head and a positive attitude at all times. Violent and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated at any time.”

Its community involvement and sense of fun combine in many of the projects the team gets involved in. The league holds a charity fundraising event every three months and the Halloween event is always “costume required.” Other events have included participating in Pride, AIDS/LifeCycle and pancreatic cancer events and fund-raisers, for example. They even brought two Special Olympians from Singapore to Los Angeles for the Special Olympics.

But the main attraction for the athletes is still playing dodgeball. In addition to seasonal weekly play at various Los Angeles sports facilities, the league also plays in the WeHo Sports Festival over the Labor Day weekend, the Sin City Shootout in Las Vegas over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and also has a traveling team for the more elite tournaments that go on throughout the year.

With all this, it’s no wonder that WeHo Dodgeball is building a global brand. So our congratulations go to Jake Mason, Compete Magazine’s 2015 Mark Bingham Athlete of the Year, and all the members of WeHo Dodgeball for combining the best of sport, community service and fun.


Photos by Sean Marier, 839 Photography



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