Check out our weekly replay for September, 15th. It has certainly been an active week in LGBTQ+ and Ally Sports, here are some of the highlights you might have missed!


  • Mark Bingham honored on 9/11
    • Passionate about Gay Rugby and Gay Flag Football, Bingham was a remarkable man in the LGBTQ+ sports community and had a positive impact on many people. He is most often recognized and remembered as one of the heroes who stormed the cockpit of Flight 93 on September 11th, 2001.




  • Colleges and NCAA question validity of Athlete Ally’s “Equality Index”
    • Launched as a measure of LGBTQ+ Inclusion in collegiate sports, the “Athlete Equality Index” would measure schools on various factors that would contribute to a final grade.  With a lot of schools initially receiving low grades, many athletic departments are questioning the rating system by touting their accomplishments toward LGBTQ+ inclusion in sporting programs.


  • Portland, Tennessee attempting to outlaw drag shows
    • A small town in Tennessee is considering an ordinance that would classify “female impersonators” as adult cabaret, subsequently making drag shows illegal within the city. Drag shows are often a main fundraiser for sports teams and sends a “chilling” message to the LGBTQ+ community.


By Dirk Smith

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