Former head of FIFA under criminal investigation

Sepp Blatter, who has been the head of FIFA, the international governing body for soccer, for four terms, is now under criminal investigation in Switzerland. Read the full story here:

The NFL went a calendar month without an arrest for the first time since 2009

Read the full story here:

New sports recommended for Olympics, including baseball

Baseball is one of the six new sports recommended for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Also included are surfing, skateboarding, karate and sport climbing. Read the full story here:


One of poker’s best players discusses being one of the few women in the game

According to NPR: “Annie Duke was often the only woman at the poker table, which influenced the way people saw her – and the way she saw herself. Feeling like an outsider can come at a cost, but also be an advantage.” Read the full story here:


International Bridge players scandal

In an investigation that included outsourcing to the You Tube viewing public, a number of top Bridge players have dropped out of the prestigious Bermuda Bowl. Read the full story here:


Native Americans comment on racist Native sports mascots

Examples of stereotypical “cartoon” mascots of major U.S. teams elicit responses from Native American reviewers. See the video here:


Iranian national football team accused of gender irregularity

Eight of Iran’s national female football team are accused of “being men.” Read the full story here:






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