The sad news for this week – to use one of beloved baseball icon Yogi Berra’s yogi-isms, he came to the final fork in his road and took it. On a happier note, fantasy sports betting is blowing up and video games are going to prime time. The Players’ Tribune is gaining Kevin Durant of the Thunder as deputy publisher and there’s some interesting information on lacrosse. Enjoy!


Yogi Berra dead at 90

According to The New York Times, “Yogi Berra, one of baseball’s greatest catchers and characters, who as a player was a mainstay of 10 Yankees championship teams and as a manager led both the Yankees and the Mets to the World Series — but who may be more widely known as an ungainly but lovable cultural figure, inspiring a cartoon character and issuing a seemingly limitless supply of unwittingly witty epigrams known as Yogi-isms — died on Tuesday.” Read the full story here:


Fantasy sports go big time

Fantasy Sports betting is no longer just an office pastime. According to NPR: “It’s been near-instant gratification for the companies involved too, says John Ourand with Sports Business Daily: DraftKings and FanDuel didn’t even exist five years ago but so far this year have spent $500 million on TV ads.” Read the full story here:


Video games go prime time

The world is about to find out whether live video-game competitions are ready for primetime TV. The Turner Broadcasting and WMG/IMG have formed a new e-sports gaming league, with TBS set to broadcast 20 live events over the course of 2016. Read the full story here:


Kevin Durant named deputy publisher for Players’ Tribune

According to Deadspin: “Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant has accepted the position of deputy publisher at The Players’ Tribune, the outlet that cuts out media middlemen and lets pro athletes tell their agents’ brand messaging content directly to fans with no filters.” Durant reports directly to Derek Jeter, founding publisher but will be editorial director Kobe Bryant’s immediate superior in the chain of command. Read the full story here:


Lacrosse and its Native American roots

The Iroquois Nation remains at the top of indoor lacrosse. According to the Huffington Post:Lacrosse runs deep among the Haudenosaunee, who, drawing from a population of less than 150,000, are consistently among the best nations in the world at the sport. In 2014, the Iroquois Nationals defeated Australia for the bronze medal at the World Lacrosse Championships. At every World Indoor Lacrosse Championship since 2003, the Iroquois have finished second to Canada.” Read the full story here:


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