If you’re a lover of Doritos (and who isn’t!), life just got better – and brighter – with the unveiling of the new Doritos Rainbows. AND they also support the It Gets Better Project. We’ve got a couple of gay athletes in the news, including Michael Sam who is back at Mizzou, admitted to do graduate work while he continues to train for football. There’s also an announcement that rugby has gotten safer for gay players due to a signed memorandum of understanding between USA Rugby and the International Gay Rugby organization. All this and more in this week’s Friday Replay – enjoy!


Doritos Rainbows to support LGBT community

Unveiled this week – Doritos Rainbows. Bags of the rainbow-colored corn chips are in support of the It Gets Better Project which offers support and encouragement to teens who have been bullied. Frito Lay’s chief marketing officer Ram Krishnan said the chips “show our commitment toward equal rights for the LGBT community and celebrate humanity without exception.” Read the full story here:



USA Rugby teams with International Gay Rugby

According to Queerty: USA Rugby has signed a memorandum of understanding with International Gay Rugby (IGR) in an effort to eliminate homophobia and improve acceptance of LGBT members in the sport. Read the full story here:



Princeton football player comes out

Mason Darrow, a Princeton junior offensive lineman came out as gay, making him the only openly gay Division I football player. Perhaps this will help the NFL to take one step closer to having an active and openly gay player. Read the full story here:



Michael Sam is admitted to grad school

Michael Sam has tweeted he’s been accepted into graduate school at the University of Missouri where he played football and completed his undergraduate degree. He states he’ll also be training for football. Read the full story here:



Nike’s new ad features its connection to Oregon Ducks

Nike celebrates its deep ties to the University of Oregon in a new, feel-good ad featuring a horde of notable alumni (mostly sports stars, but also Modern Family actor Ty Burrell and ESPN anchor Neil Everett), that recreates the famous toga-party scene. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOEgDbdjj2s


NBA commissioner: We thought the WNBA would have broken through by now

According to Buzzfeed: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver admitted Thursday that the WNBA is not where it was expected to be by now, nearly 20 years after its debut. “We thought we would have broken through by now,” Silver said during an interview as part of the Sports Business Journal’s Game Changers conference in Manhattan. “We thought ratings and attendance would be higher.” Read the full story here:



Out Olympian Simon Dunn tries out for upcoming Olympic team

Out Aussie Olympian Simon Dunn returns from his training in Canada to formally try out for Team Australia. Watch him go through an intense routine before being accepted and then hitting the beach in his speedo:




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