The latest athlete to come out is Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy, perhaps best remembered by many as the guy who found homes for some of the stray dogs roaming around Sochi. And football is always a highlight in this season but two of the stories have more to do with word play than play on the field. Never let it be said that former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is at a loss for descriptive words! Then we’ve got the latest escapade of “Johnny Football” as well as a video from a Dutch gay rugby team sporting their birthday suits. Enjoy!


2014 Winter Olympic champion Gus Kenworthy comes out

According to Queery: Olympic freeskier champion Gus Kenworthy, reveals in a new ESPN magazine profile that he’s gay. Kenworthy is also remembered worldwide for his work to find homes for five stray dogs while competing in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Read the full story here:


Houston Texans “neutral” on being against equality

After Texans owner Bob McNair donated $10,000 to eliminate protection against the LGBT community, people of color and veterans, his team issued this statement:

“The Houston Texans as an organization are neutral to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) and believe that the issue should be decided by Houston voters. We encourage Houston residents to study the issue and vote their conscience on November 3rd.” Read the full story here:


Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair: You are “spraying fecal chunks” over the NFL’s pro-LGBT campaign

In his open letter to Texans owner Bob McNair, Chris Kluwe wrote: “You may not have heard, but the NFL has been working really hard to clean up its image with regards to LBGT issues; what with the whole Michael Sam draft fiasco, my experiences in Minnesota, and the fact that no player feels comfortable enough to come out as openly gay despite the league having over 1,800 individuals at any given time. Yet here you are, inexplicably spraying a whirlwind of fecal chunks all over the league’s PR efforts like an incontinent water buffalo after an ex-lax smoothie.” Read the full statement here:


Kickboxer picks up, ‘marries’ Cristiano Ronaldo in Morocco

Moroccan super heavyweight boxer Badr Hari shared his “bro-mance” with Cristiano Ronaldo via Instagram. See the results here:


“Johnny Football” and girlfriend in high speed domestic dispute

According to TMZ: “Johnny Football” Manziel, who recently completed a 10-week stint in rehab, got into a fight with his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. Cops pulled them over due to Manziel passing another car at high speed using the berm of the road. Reportedly, the two had been drinking in downtown Cleveland earlier in the day. Cops said they did not believe the two were intoxicated to the point where they should have been charged with a crime. Colleen also told cops she did not want to press charges against Johnny. Read the full story here:


(NSFW) Video for Dutch gay rugby team

According to TBL: The ARC Lowlanders of Amsterdam, a gay rugby team, has put together a 2016 calendar. One of the things I love about this video (besides the hot naked guys), is that it shows off some beautiful parts of Amsterdam they used as backdrops, things that Americans who’ve never traveled there might not think of. So beyond the good cause and hot guys, there’s a little bit of an artistic travelogue here. Watch the video here:




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