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Weekly Replay for January 2-8

It’s been an interesting week in sports. Perhaps the biggest positive news for sports diversity, though, is the MLB’s promotion of openly gay former player Billy Bean. Then there are stories on Tom Daley, Brittney Griner, Peyton Manning and an NFL-insider “confidential” by Johnny Anonymous. Plus there’s a new major league soccer team in Los Angeles; now guess what funny man is a new co-owner. All this and so much more ~ enjoy!

MLB promotes openly gay former player Billy Bean to VP of social responsibility and inclusion

Billy Bean, openly gay former major league player was promoted from MLB’s first ambassador of inclusion to vice president of social responsibility and inclusion and also hired former player Curtis Pride, deaf since birth, as the new ambassador of inclusion. Read the full story here:

Peyton Manning versus the Al Jazeera doping report

There are a number of stories on the Al Jazeera report that Peyton Manning’s wife had human growth hormone (HGC) shipped to their home but this one features more on why it appeared to be a “non-story.” Read the full story here:

Steve Nash and Robert Sarver buy Spanish soccer team

According to “Former NBA star Steve Nash and Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver have bought a controlling share of Spanish soccer team Real Mallorca.” Read the full story here:

Cleveland Browns hire Mets’ “Moneyball” author, Paul DePodesta

Headed to Cleveland where his sports career began in baseball, “Moneyball” author and baseball analyst Paul DePodesta is leaving the NY Mets. He’s bringing his organization and analytical expertise to the Browns football organization. Read the full story here:

WNBA star Brittney Griner demands paternity test for ex-wife’s twins

According to NNN: “Brittney Griner, who ended her marriage to fellow WNBA star Glory Johnson after just a few weeks, is asking for a DNA test to determine whether the twins Johnson gave birth to came from an anonymous sperm donor or Johnson’s ex-boyfriend.” Read the full story here:

Chris Correa, former Cardinals scout, pleads guilty to hacking Astros

Former St. Louis Cardinals scouting director, Chris Correa pleads guilty to federal criminal charges for hacking a computer database of the Houston Astros containing player information. A violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Correa was fired over the summer. Read the full story here:

Johnny Manziel has another off-field problem

In several different stories combined here, Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel is showing his decisions off the field are still problematic. While on league concussion protocol, Manziel was required to attend last week’s Sunday morning meeting but never showed up and couldn’t be reached by the Browns. When you thrown in an alleged sighting in Las Vegas, an old picture of him with his dog, a ticket for expired license plates and his being dropped by LRMR, LeBron James’ marketing firm, well, you fill in the blanks. Read the various stories here:

NBA game with two female analysts on both home and away telecast makes league history

The January 6 game between the Phoenix Suns and the Charlotte Hornets had two female broadcasters – Stephanie Ready for the Hornets and Ann Meyers Drysdale for the Suns – on both home and away telecasts for first time in league history. Read the full story here:

Tennessee school cancels basketball season after player allegedly raped by teammates

According to CNN: “A Tennessee school superintendent, amid public concerns of a possible cover-up, on Wednesday canceled the remainder of the season for a boys’ varsity basketball team, weeks after a freshman player said he was raped by teammates.” Read the full story here:

Will Ferrell is co-owner of new expansion MLS team in LA

The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is the latest expansion major league soccer club and Will Ferrell is a co-owner. He joins the list of 22 other team co-owners that includes Magic Johnson, Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra. Read the full story here:

Anonymous NFL player writes book on why he loathes league

According to NPR: “It’s unusual to hear a current NFL player criticize the league, let alone talk frankly about its handling of concussions or its response to domestic violence scandals. But a new book does just that. It’s called “NFL Confidential,” a memoir of the 2014 football season written by a player who goes only by Johnny Anonymous.” Read the full story here:

Tom Daley: lemon juice for abs

Out Olympian Tom Daley has started a series of health and fitness tips, the first one featuring his daily use of lemons. Watch the video here:

Shirtless rugby players do airline safety demonstration

Members of an Aussie rugby team strip off their shirts to deliver the standard safety message for fellow Quantas passengers. Read the full story and see the video here:

Three NFL teams vie for LA

According to ESPN: “The St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders filed applications for relocation to Los Angeles on Monday night. As expected on the first day NFL rules would allow, the league confirmed that the paperwork was officially filed and received.” Read the full story here:

2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalists

Brett Favre and Terrell Owens are part of the 2016 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility. For the complete list, read the full story here:

Griffey Jr. and Piazza make 2016 HOF election and declare team caps for plaque

The two members making it to the baseball Hall of Fame (HOF) have picked the caps they’ll wear for their HOF plaque. Ken Griffey Jr. will wear a Seattle Mariners cap (forward facing); Mike Piazza will wear a New York Mets cap. They’ll be inducted on July 24 at a ceremony in Cooperstown, New York. Read the full story here:

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