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Trans athletes now allowed to compete in Olympics without gender reassignment surgery

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has put new guidelines into place that remove its original requirement for trans athletes to have gender reassignment surgery. While trans men can compete in male categories without restriction, trans women will face random testing.

This opens the door for trans triathlete Chris Mosier, whose participation in the World Duathlon Championships in Spain this June as part of the U.S. Sprint Duathlon team has been in doubt due to the surgery requirement.

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Pete Rose inducted into Reds Hall of Fame

While new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has definitely upheld Rose’s lifetime ban from the sport that includes the MLB Hall of Fame, he did say that with permission from the league, teams can honor him. The Cincinnati Reds have taken the commish up on the offer.

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ESPN launches first-ever sports radio show hosted by three women

A new radio show being launched by ESPN is being hosted by three women, including out columnist Kate Fagan.

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New camera technology used by CBS Sports for Super Bowl 50

When Super Bowl 50 is played on February 7th, television viewers will get a better look thanks to CBS Sports’ use of 36 cameras placed along the stadium’s top deck to create a 360-degree view for instant-replay shots. They’ll also provide a first-person point-of-view from the QB’s position which is new. Referees will have every angel covered for replays and on-field challenges.

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Butterfinger paying players’ fines for excessive celebration

Butterfinger candy bar company will pay up to $50,000 in player fines for excessive celebration for the final four NFL teams and the Super Bowl.

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Caitlyn Jenner announces her memoir

Caitlyn Jenner has announced that her memoir will hit the newsstands in the spring of 2017.

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Suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter still being paid

Even though FIFA president Sepp Blatter was suspended in October and then banned from world soccer for eight years last month, this over ethics violations involving a $2 million payment to UEFA president Michel Platini in 2011, he’s still being paid his salary due to his contract.

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WNBA All-Star Tamika Catchings awarded national civil rights museum sports legacy award

WNBA 10-time All-Star Tamika Catchings has become the first women to receive the National Civil Rights Museum Sports Legacy Award for her “contributions to civil and human rights, and for laying the foundation for future leaders through their careers in sports in the spirit of Dr. King.”

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New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul has second hand surgery

Now that the NFL season is over for the NY Giants, DE Jason Pierre-Paul has had another surgery on the right hand he injured in a July 4th fireworks accident that required amputation of his right index finger with the knuckle and leaving his right thumb a short stump.

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LA fans reserve 45,000 season tickets for the Rams return

LA fans are crazy for the Rams’ return to the area, reserving 45,000 season tickets in just two days.

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Bills hire Kathryn Smith as first NFL female full-time coach

Kathryn Smith has been hired by the Buffalo Bills as the first female full-time coach.

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Ray Rice coaching running backs for NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Ravens running back, worked under National Team coach Mike Martz while coaching running backs in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl this Saturday.

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Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman won’t face domestic dispute charges

Aroldis Chapman, closer for the NY Yankees, won’t face charges for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend in October where he was accused of firing shots.

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Former NFL player Antwaan Randle El losing memory and regrets playing football

Now six years retired from his NFL career, Antwaan Randle El says he has memory lapses and has problems walking up and down the stairs. He now regrets playing football, saying he wishes he’d chosen to play baseball.

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Retired NBA player Cliff Robinson plans to open marijuana growing operation

Cliff Robinson, retired NBA player and long-time marijuana advocate who was suspended for violating the NBA’s substance abuse policy, is planning to start a marijuana growing operation. He plans to have product available for sale by the end of 2016.

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