This is another mixed bag of interesting sports stories. Thanks to Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Ahrens, Jen Welters, Ph.D. has made history as the first pro football female assistant coach. But it’s the young women athletes that are attracting concern after research has shown many of them may be malnourished. Hopefully you know by now that Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for Deflategate has been nullified by the judge. But this is just the tip of this week’s stories. Unfortunately, the legal wrangling isn’t over yet. So sit back, relax and catch up on some stories you may have missed. Enjoy!


First female NFL assistant coach finishes internship with Arizona Cardinals

After making history with the NFL, Jen Welters, Ph.D., the world’s first pro football female assistant coach is no longer with the Arizona Cardinals but she’s gotten high marks from the coaches and the players. Read the full story here:


New research finds young female athletes may be malnourished

New research has shown that for young female athletes, a combination of extreme exercise and an attempt to control body fat by restricting calories can lead to irregular menstrual cycles, low energy and bone density problems in adulthood. Read the full story here:


Federal judge rules NFL penalty against Brady unfair

Based on labor law, Judge Richard Berman has ruled that Tom Brady was illegally penalized over his involvement in Deflategate and nullified his four-game suspension. The NFL will appeal. Meanwhile, Brady will play in the season’s opener against the Steelers on Thursday, September 10th as part of the NFL’s 2015 Kickoff Weekend. Read the full story here:


Sam Stanley – First rugby union player to come out while still active

Congratulations to Sam Stanley, who became the first openly gay rugby union player. He credits Keegan Hirst with giving him the courage to step out of himself as well as some guidance from Ben Cohen.

Read the full story here:


Aussie gay Olympian response to rugby players coming out

Simon Dunn may be an Olympic bobsledder now, but he was a rugby player first, and the coming out of Keegan Hirst and Sam Stanley could have changed the course of his life if it had just happened sooner. “Having professional rugby players Keegan Hirst (rugby league) and Sam Stanley (Rugby 7s) recently come out publicly as gay has really hit home for me. Openly gay rugby players are few and far between: not since the likes of Aussie Ian Roberts in 1995 and Gareth Thomas in 2009 have we had any other examples of gay men within these sports. You begin to ask yourself, is it because gay men don’t excel in such masculine sports – or is it that society has led us to believe we can’t be involved in such masculine sports?” Read the full story here:


Bullied gay preteen athlete helped by pro athlete Andrew Goldstein

After inadvertently outing himself while being bullied in a chat room, this twelve year old lacrosse player was accepted by his family but still faced harassment in his school. His father discovered the history of Andrew Goldstein, the lacrosse professional who became the very first pro team player who came out while still active. Read the full and touching story of Andrew supporting the young player here:


Venus Williams earns college degree

Congratulations to tennis icon Venus Williams who received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University. Read the full story here:


For first time women’s U.S. Open sells out before the men’s

According to ESPN, “Serena Williams is poised to make history when the U.S. Open starts on Monday. The 33-year-old will vie for her first-ever single season Grand Slam sweep, having already won Wimbledon, the French Open and the Australian Open. It’s no wonder tickets for the U.S. Open women’s singles final sold out before the men’s final for the first time.” Read the full story here:


Los Angeles 2020 Olympic bid

After Boston withdrew from the field, Los Angeles approached the IOC to host the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Read the full story here:


Advocate suggests Michael Sam helps mental health “come out of the closet”

In an Op-Ed piece, the Advocate praises Michael Sam for openly addressing his mental health issues. The article suggests his action may encourage others to begin a conversation on the importance of mental health. Read the full story here:


Behind the scene video of Tom Daley’s 2016 calendar shoot

Golden Olympian diver Tom Daley is shown in the photoshoot for his upcoming calendar. Watch the video here:


Rafael Nadal plays strip poker with super models

The headline says it all. See the video here:




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