This Thursday PURPLE is the new black, orange, pink and every other color of the rainbow! The 16th is Spirit Day, a day when wearing purple signifies your support for those who have been bullied in the past and those who are still facing this terrible torment. Schools and communities as well as individuals are encouraged to wear purple. Last year even the White House communications went purple for the day.

This year “Orange is the New Black” Emmy nominee Laverne Cox will help New York City’s landmark Empire State Building go purple. Now one of the most famous transgender women in the U.S. and beyond, Cox has also appeared on the cover of Time Magazine.

Cox  shared that “Bullying was an unfortunate part of my daily reality growing up in Alabama.” As a result she says she is committed “to doing what I can so that young people don’t have to go through what I did. All of our children need to feel safe to be themselves at home, school and in our communities.”

Bullying is remains an ongoing problem. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President and CEO said that high-profile statements such as lighting the Empire State Building purple are needed to combat bullying. She said that “At a time when eight in 10 LGBT youth are harassed at school, it’s critical that we let them know it’s OK to be who you are.”