Featured in the our June 2018 PRIDE month issue!

A Pride issue is always emotional for us at Compete; we’re a mixed bag of people with internal differences in gender, sexual preference, race, age and life experiences that can occasionally elicit conflicting opinions. But what consistently unites and defines us is our passion for making the sports world open for everyone who loves sports and wants to play. And Pride is the annual overarching concept intended to ensure that everyone is included in ALL the world’s daily transactions and treated with dignity, equality and accepted without bias or judgment.


We’re each a microcosm of the Pride celebration. This issue looks at people and organizations using their varied talents to promote the vision of Pride and sports diversity, like Shangela, the drag queen best known for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” appearances. There’s an interview with Robert Goman from NIKE and the BETRUE campaign, a story on NBA player and transgender activist Reggie Bullock. But there’s also one on Nance Wernes, a lifelong athlete who grew up and founded a women’s tackle football league in Kansas City. Every individual can make a difference!


But Pride is also meant to be fun, a positive celebration of what’s meaningful to us. So to add some “cheeky” fun, shown here is a fabulous illustration of Lena Waithe wearing her rainbow cape at the recent Met Gala (see High Five). It’s done by London-based fashion illustrator (and dinosaur lover) Dominic Evans, aka DOM&INK. Adding to that, we even have a story on ‘Camp’ Camp, a summer camp for adults that’s geared to lots of fun camp activities minus the angst of prior childhood camp experiences.


At Compete we believe that Pride is still an important celebration, that in 2018 positive visibility and action are still needed for the LGBTQ sports community and beyond. If you aren’t already taking an active part to promote diversity, inclusion, equality and acceptance within your personal sphere of influence then join us and be part of the action AND the fun!

By Connie Wardman