A gay inclusive football team, the Village Manchester Football Club (VMFC), filed a complaint with the FA following a recent match in which players were subjected to homophobic taunting and abuse by the opposition.

As the teams were changing out in their respective locker rooms before the match, members of VMFC reported hearing members of the Chadderton Park Firsts loudly singing the song “YMCA” and shouting various gay slurs including the f-word. As the match got underway, the taunting became more direct as the Chadderton players started using more homophobic slurs, threats and dangerous confrontations with VMFC. Chairman of VMFC James McNaught reported;

 “We could hear the Chadderton players in the home dressing room next door singing YMCA,” He shared. “The game quickly descended into homophobic slurs, threatening language and dangerous challenges. It was clear some of their guys had issues with us. People on the sidelines joined in too.”

McNaught also shared that plastic bottles were thrown at VMFC players by people in the crowd. When one of the VMFC players was tackled and lay on the ground injured, it was reported that a Chadderton player stood over him and said, “get up you fairy.” According to VMFC player James Wilson, it was “one of the most homophobic experiences I’ve had playing football.”

An FA spokesperson confirmed that the Manchester Football Association is investigating the alleged discrimination at the match. In the meantime, Chadderton Park chairman Terry Jennings stated that the team from the VMFC match had been suspended from playing as a club and that “we are devasted one of our teams behaved in such a poor manner.”

By Dirk Smith

Photo by VMFC