CARBS and SUGAR! Two major phobias among the human race that need some education added to it. Well guess what? Everything you eat turns into sugar, EVERYTHING. Fun fact: Even the brain runs exclusively on glucose, which is sugar! When the body does not receive enough sugars in its daily regimen it becomes lethargic and the mind unable to think properly. Though when there is too much fat in the diet it coats the inside of our arteries blocking the sugar from being used by the body, causing high blood sugar issues. Its’ the fat causing the issues, not the sugar. So, eating mainly whole plant based carbs and sugars while keeping fat intake low has helped sports performance and recovery for many athletes and average people across the globe.

Story by Sarah Woodward

Check our her full story in the April 2016 issue of Compete.

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Dr. Douglas Graham –

Cayley Mackay & Nicole Erato –

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