Following her coming out last year, Jessica Platt became the first transgender hockey player in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. She had consulted with the CWHL and the CWHL players association prior to coming out and received a lot of support from the professional sports league and players association. Support that was important for Platt and other transgender athletes who are constantly barraged with criticism and bullying over their right to play in sports.

Platt is a player for the Toronto Furies and has felt nothing but support and love from her teammates and coaches. Since coming out in 2018, she has been working with Producer/Writer/Directors Christine Casara and Sian Evans who were inspired by Platt’s story and started work on creating a documentary as their avenue to share it. The documentary “Faithfully and authentically tell her story, detailing her childhood, her struggles with gender identity, her decision to come out as the first openly transgender player in CWHL history, and more.”

By coming out as the CWHL first transgender player, Platt is inspiring other trans athletes that sports and gender identity are not mutually exclusive. In her #HockeyIsForEveryone video she shares a message of support and inspiration for others.

The documentary features one on one interviews, game footage and a look into Platt’s childhood growing up and learning to understand and accept her gender identity. Watch the documentary below, or by clicking here!

By Dirk Smith