IMG_3136By Brittany Boone, Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

How do MMA fighters keep their energy flowing through each training session, especially when they train two to three times a day, six days a week? Well, here are some of my secrets.

The first step is not to over train. My coaches ensure that I train smarter, not harder. Now with that said, I still have grueling training sessions. But I am smart with how I spread it out. I try to get my runs and my strength and conditioning done in the mornings. Then I can take the day to fully recover my body. By the time I head back to the gym in the evening for my team practices, I have had time to head to my sports recovery location and treat my body with the cold and hot tubs. Although physical recovery, such as the cold tubs is great, your body still needs more.

Let us get into the nutrition portion. To sustain your body your meals should consist of a lean protein, a healthy fat, good carbs, and fruits and vegetables. Fueling your body with the right foods makes a huge difference with sustaining energy through workouts, with recovery and through the day, in general. Here is a typical dinner for me:

  • *   Chicken or lean steak (lean protein)
  • *  White rice with Sriracha for taste or sweet potatoes (good carbs)
  • *  Half-to-a-whole avocado (healthy fat)
  • *  Kale salad or bell peppers (vegetables)

On a side note, yes-it is important to eat the right foods and try to keep it healthy. But remember, you only live once so don’t worry if you decide to eat a dessert after dinner every once in awhile.

My third and final secret is the product I use to keep my body going. I have tried many different proteins, amino acids, etc., and I finally found a brand I love. All my product comes from Intensity Nutrition. I really enjoy the grape Intramino, the passion fruit Hydrate and the chocolate protein.

I use the Intramino (amino acids) before and after I train to help recover my muscles; the Hydrate is great after a long, intense practice to replenish my electrolytes; and the protein is a filling snack between training sessions. I really like to blend it together with a banana, oats and peanut butter.

As an MMA fighter, these are my tricks to help maintain, refuel and recover my body. I hope this helps you see that as long as you eat healthy and take time for your body, you will have plenty of energy to make it through all the crazy training sessions a fighter does.

If you have any questions or comments about my nutrition or workouts, please do not hesitate to send me an email at

Photo by Doug Larson