At a triathlon on Sunday in Mexico, brotherly love trumped winning – literally. Two of the world’s greatest triathletes are actual brothers, Jonny and Alistair Browlee. Alistair has won the last two Olympic triathlons and Jonny took home silver from Rio and bronze at the London Games in 2012.

At this week’s race Jonny was in the lead with only 700 meters left to the finish line with Alistair right behind him. But heat overtook Jonny and he was hardly able to stay on his feet.

That’s when older brother Alistair stopped to help Jonny, allowing Henri Schoeman of South Africa pass them for the lead. The brothers then ran down the home stretch together and at the last minute, Alistair pushed Jonny across the finish line for second place while Alistair finished in third.

Jonny was taken to the hospital following the race but later tweeted that he was feeling fine. In a post-race interview, Alistair said, “If it happened to anyone, I would have helped him across the line. It’s an official position to be in. If he had conked out [one kilometer] from the finish line and there isn’t a medical support there, it’s a dangerous position to be in.”

Congratulations to both Brownlees for showing brotherly love does exist!


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