November 20th is a day of honor and respect. It is Transgender Day of Remembrance which marks the end of the Transgender Awareness Week and is a day to memorialize and remember those who were murdered as a result of transphobic violence. It is a day to increase awareness and education of the violence and transphobia that transgender people still face today.


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Trans and Powerful: there is a power in our visibility. There is power in representation. There is power in sharing our humanity, in letting others see us and know us as the brilliant, beautiful, vibrant people we are – in hopes they will stop killing us, discriminating against us, ignoring and denying our existence. Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance, an opportunity not only to pause to remember those we have lost, but to help raise awareness about the persistent stigma & discrimination experienced by the trans community, and to help do something about it. Allies: we need to you share in this day and in this fight. I am grateful for the allies and community support I have found through Team USA and in sport. Today I’m thinking of those we have lost this year – over 22 documented (I have a list of 24) trans people, most of whom are transgender women of color. I’m thinking of their families, friends, and communities. And I’m thinking about what else I can do for us. Today is a somber day encased in inspiration for a better, safer, more just world for my community. It begins with “stop killing trans people” but includes so much more. Let’s stand together- to honor those who have died because of anti-trans violence and to rally for those of us living in a world with it every day. #transawarenessweek #transawareness #thisiswhattranslookslike #transdayofremembrance #tdor #tdor2018 #transisbeautiful #wontbeerased #transathlete #triathlon #teamusa #duathlon #athlete #queer #trans #transgender #ftm #transman #transmenofig #nodaysoff

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By Dirk Smith