The Tel Aviv LGBT Sports Club is working to launch a soccer team just for trans people and to encourage more trans people to get involved in sports! But they need your help.

Why sport?

Physical activity is very positive for both body and mind. Many studies show that physical activity is one of the best ways to increase our energy and wellbeing, cope with stress, anxiety and even depression. Sports activities also increase a person’s sense of self-worth and belief in personal abilities. In addition to all these personal benefits, participating in sports also strengthens solidarity and social ties, helps to overcome social and/or ethnic differences, and contributes to a feeling of belonging. This is most obvious in group sports wherein the members support each other.

Sport and the trans community?

Unfortunately, to date, most trans people have held back from participating in organized physical activity or were denied participation and as a result miss out on the benefits and gains presented above. An international study among LGBT youth has found that more than half of them refrain from sports activities and the numbers are even lower in the trans community, where 40% of teens have attempted suicide because of feelings of social exclusion.

Many trans people are exposed to trans-phobia within sports. They are subject to anti-trans attitudes and behaviors, which results in their conclusion that sports are not the right place for them. Some are confronted by a lack of understanding of the trans situation and a narrow-minded insistence that they cannot participate together with people of the same gender in which they identify. Over 80% of LGBT teens have reported being subject to LGBTphobia comments while participating in sports.

Creating a sports environment for trans people offers them a secure opportunity and a safe space to enjoy the many joys and benefits of sports activity. At the same time, it will further and strengthen the visibility of the trans community in the general arena of sports and help the fight against LGBT-phobia, in general and within sports specifically.

However, starting and running the transball team requires funding, and this is where you can help. Your help will allow us to offer a safe environment for trans people that would like to be part of a soccer team.

About the Tel Aviv LGBT Sports Club:

The Tel Aviv LGBT Sports Club is an NGO active since 2008, and has offers various sports teams, to over 200 members. The sports club was specifically started so as to create, for the LGBT community, a sports milieu open to all, and for furthering a positive and proud LGBT identity. The sports club takes it upon itself to empower members of the LGBT community and to confront LGBT-phobia in sports. In addition, the club and its teams represent Israel in international LGBT tournaments, and is a members of various international sports organizations.

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