In anticipation of this year’s International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Championships in New York City, the Toronto TriggerFish Water Polo team are getting the superheroes a warm up before the big event. The annual Polopalooza- Superheroes’ Edition is a weekend long water polo tournament inviting Water Polo teams from all over to come for a full weekend of Water Polo and sheer fierceness.

In addition to the main tournament, the weekend will include a big Drag Bunch hosted by two of Toronto’s famous local drag queens Tynomi Banks and Carlotta Carlisle at the Glad Day Bookshop. Other parties will include the Friday reception party, A post-tournament social event on Saturday evening and the Closing Social on Sunday evening.

The Toronto TriggerFish will be making their grand debut at IGLA 2019 featuring hot new suits and everything! Check out Polopalooza 2019 here!

By Dirk Smith