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Top 5 Sexy Swimwear Items Every Gay Athlete Needs

Swimming is an easy way to target all the muscles in your body, but it’s not always easy choosing what to wear before beginning your workout. There are so many different styles out now that it gets overwhelming browsing through thousands of products online. If you’re looking to update your old swimming briefs or trunks, we found some sexy swimwear items that every gay athlete will love.

Anyone that’s searched for gay clothing before has probably heard of the online menswear store, Differio. This stylish menswear shop has basically everything you’d need to look your best this summer, like self-tanning sprays, sports towels and gay shorts. On top of the essentials, this trendy mens clothing site sells extremely bold swimwear, so don’t be surprised if you get hit on left and right, especially on a gay beach.

Of course, every athlete wants sexy swimwear that’s also functional enough for high or low impact activities, like surfing and beach volleyball. We’ve listed the sexiest swimwear items exclusively on Differio along with some recommended physical activities that best fit each swimwear style (because no one wants a wardrobe malfunction in a pair of skimpy briefs).

Here are the top 5 sexy men’s swimwear items perfect for gay athletes that want to look hot while staying active.

Banana shorts1.    Black Banana Swim Trunks

When sporty meets flirty swimwear, you get banana swim trunks. These short swim trunks by Zircuit are a fun way to show off your legs in a tropical print. Plus, the front and back pockets include Velcro closures, so your valuables won’t fall out while you’re playing sports.

Sports Picks:

Recommended for beach sports or activities, like beach volleyball, frisbee or football. 


Modus vivendi2.    Mens Red Swim Briefs With Cord

It doesn’t get more provocative than these bright red swim briefs designed by Modus Vivendi. Bright red and crisp white are classic beachwear colors that’ll be noticed at any beach or pool. The side cord detail is super sexy, but don’t forget to double knot these strings before working out.

Sports Picks:

Recommended for sedentary activities, so your briefs won’t risk being untied, like jet skiing, kayaking or parasailing.


Mondrian3.    Mondrian-Inspired Mens Black Swim Briefs

If you love art and sports, these black briefs by Modus Vivendi were practically made for you. You’ll feel like a swimwear model straight out of a mens fashion magazine with its super modern, color block pattern inspired by Piet Mondrian. Not to mention – they also fit snug around your bum, so your body will look like a work of art.

Sports Picks:

Recommended for artistic sports, like synchronized swimming or synchronized diving.


graphic swimming briefs4.    Graphic Swimming Briefs

You’ll probably send more than one message on the beach in these graphic swimming briefs by Glimms. Whether you’re into the “ride” or looking for something “fresh”, these swimming briefs are perfect for gay athletes with a sense of humor. The tight fit and flexible fabric will stay put for any high-speed sport.

Sports Picks:

Recommended for board activities, like surfing, boogie boarding, or windsurfing.


Faux leather shorts5.    Faux Leather Shorts

Every leather lover needs a pair of these faux leather shorts by Modus Vivendi. These black shorts are designed with buttons on the sides that can be unsnapped to reveal more skin. Although they’re not exactly waterproof, these short shorts are perfect for throwing on before or after any water activity.

Sports Picks:

Recommended over any swimming briefs before getting wet, like warming up, stretching or jogging on the beach.









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