As a way of honoring the 1987 March on Washington, National Coming Out Day has been designated October 11th since 1988. Now observed internationally, NCOD is a way of spreading the information that helps younger or closeted LGBT peoples come out in a way that is both comfortable and empowering.

Since it’s beginning days, NCOD has merged with the Human Rights Campaign in an effort to provide greater reach across the globe. Visit the HRC’s website for literature, forums, films and anything else you could hope to find. You can also follow week-long live-blog coverage of events around the world for NCOD at the HRC’s blog dedicated to the day.

With recent events like the World Pride 2021 in Copenhagen, Gay Bowl, Gay Softball World Series, ASANA World Series and Stonewall Sports National Tournament as well as numerous events from our LGBTQIA+ Sports partners and organizations all over the world. We are showing the world that “coming out” means so much more now, our community is growing and we are all working hard toward making the world a more accepting and inclusive place for all. With the courage, spirit, resilience and knowledge of so many wonderful LGBTQIA+ people stepping up and taking action, we are inspired by their efforts to continue the fight forward.