By Charles Naurath

As LA Pride enters its 45th year of celebration, the Big Gay Frisbee league is ramping up its own celebration by hosting its second annual Ultimate Beach Party on Saturday, June 13th. This festive event is located at Lifeguard Tower #17 on Santa Monica Beach’s north end, and from noon till 4:30 p.m. it’s a great way to meet other athletes. It’s also a good time to play some Ultimate (frisbee) and get an epic tan for the Sunday parade. The cost to participate is only $10 and it not only gets you an epic playing experience but also some food and beverages.

Typically called frisbee, the game of Ultimate is a really fun event. In standard beach settings, the games are held as a four-person team setup with the field lengths at 75 meters long by 25 meters wide. The game is won by the team managing to score 13 points first or until a set time limit runs out.

Like normal Ultimate, there is a stall of 10 seconds before the player must throw the disc, otherwise it‘s considered a turnover and possession is handed to the opposing team. One of the best qualities of Ultimate is that there are no referees. During tournaments all disputes are handled through the notion of “Spirit of the Game,” essentially resolving the issue through an understanding of what rules were broken.

During last year’s invite, there were four teams that participated; two from Los Angeles and two from our sister-group, the San Francisco BGF. Seth Harrington, founder of BGF has said this is expected to grow, possibly even double as the enjoyment from the first year showed what possibilities there were for such an event. While many of the players may have experience in the game, we are always wanting and looking, for outside players to come and join us. It does not matter if you come from football, tennis or have never even played a sport before.

If you’re still not sure then come out and use the opportunity to show off the epic body that you have been working on all spring while playing other sports. For those visiting from out of town, this is a great way to get some inside scoop on any other fun events that may be happening during LA Pride. All you need to bring is $10 to participate and some sunscreen, water and a hat to stay hydrated and avoid getting burned – also bring some socks to keep feet from being burned. Oh, we cannot forget the most important piece – enthusiasm to have a great time.

To sign up find us on Facebook at Big Gay Frisbee or search for the BGF Pride Invitational. Emails for further information or questions about the event can be sent to