Last summer (2018) was quite a… transformative time for Crossfit. Kicking off with a bizarre anti-gay tirade from one of its former executives following a Crossfit franchises’ cancellation of Pride-Themed Workout events. The summer ended on a much more positive note when the CEO and Founder of Crossfit, Greg Glassman, announced that the 2019 Crossfit Games would be open to transgender athletes to compete in the gender division of their choice.

As a result, The Out Foundation, which is an LGBTQ Health, Fitness and Nutrition oriented organization whose mission “is to provide, support and ensure LGBTQ+ access to health and wellness thru fitness“ Has announced its tour, the ‘Don’t Be An A**hole, Transgender Education Tour’ to help educate and promote awareness of practices in how to create a more inclusive and friendly environments for transgender and non-conforming participants.

The tour will include Q&A’s about what it means to be trans in fitness and is openly to everybody who is willing to learn. Including gym owners, athletes, coaches, trainers, teachers and anybody else who is curious. The events will be set up like town-hall meetings are free to attend. The hosts of each meeting will consist of transgender athletes, coaches and gym owners who will run the presentation and answer any and all questions.

The following dates and cities are listed below! For more information and to RSVP – Click Here

January 11 – NYC (CrossFit Union Square)
January 12 – Washington, D.C. (CrossFit Hierarchy)
January 18 – New Orleans, LA (CrossFit NOLA Downtown)
January 20 – Miami, FL (as part of Wodapalooza)
January 25 – Denver, CO (CrossFit Cherry Creek)
January 27 – Salt Lake City, UT (Kirin CrossFit)
February 1 – Austin, TX (CrossFit Jaakarhu)
February 8 – Nashville, TN (World Gym / QNTM Fit Life)
February 10 – Seattle, WA (Rocket CrossFit)
February 15 – Durham, NC (CrossFit Durham)
February 16 – Atlanta, GA (Crossfit Downtown Atlanta)
February 17 – San Francisco, CA (Location TBD)

By Dirk Smith