The recent crackdown of so called “sexually explicit content” including nudity, sexually explicit language and female nipples, on social media; including Facebook and Tumblr. Has led to more and more pages and people who don’t meet the website’s new “community standards” to be removed and banned.

This has now included The Naked Rugby Players which publishes a calendar every year featuring artfully posed nude men representing six different inclusive rugby teams. The calendar and organization work to raise money for the participating rugby teams and to promote men’s health screenings, specifically education on testicular cancer. According to The Naked Rugby Players website…

“The Naked Rugby Players 2019 are made up of six inclusive clubs from across the UK. Each team kindly offered up their time and spaces (as well as stripping) to help raise money for their own clubs and the Balls To Cancer charity.“

The Facebook page for The Naked Rugby Players appears to have been taken down completely as it went against Facebook’s “Community Standards” which prohibits “explicit content” Despite the ban however, The Naked Rugby Players are still active on Twitter and Instagram

The 2019 Calendar features six LGBTI inclusive teams, including the Bristol Bisons, Liverpool Tritons, Glasgow Alphas, Brighton & Hove Sea Serpents, Northampton Outlaws and the Sheffield Vulcans.

In an interview with the Gay UK, Jake Hook, the creative director stated…

“We take a huge amount of time on photo shoot days to ensure that everybody is comfortable and making absolutely 100 percent sure that nobody’s genitals are on show. In fact, it is in our agreement with the clubs that take part that we make sure that no one’s genitals will be visible. “

“Facebook’s ban is obviously disappointing,” he added. “We are so proud of this calendar and the message that it gives. Be proud of your body, be proud of your sexuality and be comfortable in your own skin.”

The recent crackdown of Facebook and Tumblr over so-called “Explicit Content” has lead to many LGBTI organizations and people to speak out against it. Stating that the new policies unfairly target LGBTI pages, organizations and people that lead to “queer erasure” especially toward transgender representation and rights.

The 2019 Naked Rugby Players Calendar is for sale, along with other merchandise at