After 2010 boycotts against the company, Target Retail has been extremely active in it’s efforts to project an LGBT-friendly message. The latest in this string of moves is a brief on Target’s very own blog, where Jodee Kozlak details the company’s continued efforts. Target has officially provided amicus curiae for a court case (Latin for “friend of the court”) pertaining to the legal rights of same-sex couples in the United States. An excerpt of the briefing follows, and you can read the full thing at Target’s Website.

“Without getting into the specifics of a court case, this brief evaluates the issues created by states that both prohibit same-sex marriage and also refuse to recognize marriages that were conducted legally in other states. This position is particularly challenging for a large organization that operates nationally, such as Target. At Target, we have long offered comprehensive, competitive benefits to our LGBT team members and their families, often above what is legally required. We continue to do so today because we believe doing so is right for our team and for our business. But current laws — in places like Wisconsin and Indiana that are addressed in this brief – make it difficult to attract and retain talent. These disparate laws also create confusing and complicated benefits challenges across multiple states.”