By Eric Carlyle

You may be reading this during Pride month, a busy time of the year for Compete. This year is especially busy as we are preparing to relaunch Compete with our July-August issue. Over the past few months you might have noticed some changes at Compete. We’ve redesigned our magazine and website, upgraded our paper and binding, expanded our digital reach and watched the formal launch of our sister company, Compete Sports Diversity Council.

And through all of these changes we have intentionally remained true to our roots – sports diversity. When we launched originally, our motto was “The Best Gay Sports Magazine in the World.” I think that remains true today but we’ve updated our mission, vision and motto to coincide with our big relaunch.

MISSION: To serve as the premier voice for diversity, inclusion, equality, acceptance and excellence in sports.

VISION: To facilitate meaningful and collaborative discussions that enrich, develop and empower athletes, sports organizations and their communities.

MOTTO: Uniting the World Through Sports™

As we celebrate Pride month work on the next issue of Compete, we would like to ask for your help in Uniting the World Through Sports™ If you see Compete on your local street corner, at your favorite library, community center, business or retail location, please pick it up and read it (and snap a picture for social media, too). We’d also like to promote your sporting event in our sports calendar or online at In order to help support our print initiative we ask that you subscribe online, too.

Additionally, we would like to hear about a local athlete who inspires you, a celebrity that you follow or a breaking news story in your community. We want more opportunities to honor our audience and that includes YOU! We would love to hear from more you –it’s how we continue to keep Compete current and meaningful for our readers..

So celebrate Pride with Compete and watch for our relaunch in our July-August issue.