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For most of us fitness is about looking and feeling good. So naturally that influences how we present ourselves at the gym, on a run and especially at those trendy fitness classes we can’t live without, whether it’s SoulCycle, Body Bump or Yoga. After all, we are putting in hours of hard work and discipline so is it surprising we are similarly dedicating resources to our fitness style?

Now I am not suggesting that your gym has transformed into New York Fashion Week, although for some it certainly has. But it is hard to deny that fitness fashion is now more relevant than ever. Fitness expert Nadia Murdock agrees that “clients get excited about wearing their latest find, it encourages them to work out and embrace a fit lifestyle. When you look good you feel good! It helps to create a positive self-image which helps you to stay on track.”

With the proliferation of elite fitness apparel, retailers like lululemon, our #fitfam is not only paying a premium to work out but also to look the most stylish. Visiting a lululemon store in person or online it is obvious men will need to drop over $100 for an entry level outfit. What is one to do if he or she is in the gym five or more days a week? Is it reasonable to spend upwards of $1,000 or more to sweat in style?

Die hards will not dispute the quality and comfort of lululemon and neither can I, but for many the price tag is not realistic or acceptable. So what alternatives exist for quality fitness fashions with function and form? Initially, not many were competing in this space. But in recent years it seems that the apparel industry has seen a disproportionate insurgence of new activewear brands than in other apparel categories. This is good news for us.

If lululemon remains at the top, at least price wise, it has left space for many brands to fill in the demand for affordable, stylish activewear. However, one brand with a catchy commercial seems to have broken through the clutter. Fabletics, a stylish activewear brand by Kate Hudson offers yoga pants denizens style and savings with the tagline, “Get your first outfit for $25” or $50 at its FL2 brand which provides the same concept for men.

While the offer may be enticing, is it as good as it seems? The short answer is yes. The Fabletics and FL2 brands offer fashionably affordable opportunities through a membership model. For $49.95 each month, you can become a VIP member and gain access to exclusive discount pricing and, in theory, get an outfit for as low as $25 or $50 respectively. From time-to-time other promotions exist. So if you are committed to style and savings, spend your common sense, not your money, doing research.

Bobby Says … 

Kate Hudson is not the only celeb to get into the activewear space. Heidi Klum and Pharrell are no strangers to sweating in style. Pharrell even wore an Adidas rendition of a tuxedo to the Grammys. Most recently Beyoncé debuted Ivy Park, her activewear line online and at retailers Top Shop and Nordstrom. While it is marketed to women, several pieces can work for everyone.

Now you may be thinking if you spend $50 on a membership and another $50 on an outfit, are you basically buying at the lululemon price tag. No, because the membership fee exists as a credit toward your purchases. Even better, Fabletics and FL2 allow members to pause their membership by the fifth of each month so you have flexibility, not a rigid commitment. If you forget to hit stop by the fifth, you simply accrue $50 in your account that can be spent at anytime. With new styles debuting the first of each month it is easy to make use of any credit.

For added convenience, FL2 and Fabletics offer a lifestyle quiz and virtual stylist to help identify the best items for your workout. Shoppers are able to shop and select the entire collection as they see fit. Find more information at


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