Summer is always a great time to break out your favorite warm weather-wear staples. And if you are looking to enhance your summer style, an array of new trends for the summer 2017 season will give you plenty of options to accent your current style when you go shopping.

Bold Color
Powerful hues are popping up everywhere. This is the best trend for summer 2017 because it is the easiest one to personalize. While some of you will hesitate to embrace color to meet this bold scale, it is still a design element that is more accessible than you think. You may not be comfortable sporting the shocking pink seen in many designer collections but there is a color that can work for you, whether that is one of the bold blues or electric yellows. Think saturated. The sub-trend here also suggests mixing and matching these colors for an even more eye-catching look.

The 80s
Are we finally moving away from the 70s trend? Slowly but surely it seems so. And that is thanks to the resurgence of some 80s style notes. Think metallics – shine plus an increased use of brighter, bolder color combinations. But keep in mind that these elements are better for evening attire than for daytime wear.

Fashion continues its love affair with florals, and this season it works from head to toe. It has become more and more common to find floral shirts with matching pants or shorts. The best part of this trend is that you can buy the separates to wear together now, and once this trend begins to simmer down you can wear them as separates. If florals aren’t your thing, consider finding a pattern you like and wear it in a head-to-toe look.

The spotlight was on statement stripes at all this year’s big fashion week shows. Stripes were seen in just about every possible variation and combination. Once again, designers were not shy about mixing and matching. So if you’re not into florals or head-to-toe patterns, then this trend may be a way to incorporate a graphic look into your summer wardrobe. Just remember it’s not meant to be subtle.

One of the best summer trends is also the sexiest … when it is done correctly. The combination of warm weather and beachy destinations welcomes netted garments and apparel that is less than opaque, all of which leave little to the imagination. However, when it comes to wearing sheer clothing do consider the situation in advance to determine the impact of your style selections. Layering a sheer top with a jacket can still provide intrigue without completely baring your chest.

This trend is one you will love to hate so proceed with caution. This is a trend associated with NOW, not summer, specifically. The logo love is back but it is probably for a limited time. So invest your summer wardrobe dollars with caution as pricey designer tees and sweaters can set you back an easy $600, with some reaching over $2,000. If you can spare the cash and won’t hate yourself in a year when you can no longer wear GUCCI across your chest without shame, go for it. If not, back away slowly.

Bobby Says:
Summer trends can have a short lifespan so do not go overboard on shopping, spending and eliminating your current wardrobe without putting some thought behind it. Shop your closet first to find pieces you love that can speak to the current trends. Unless you love to shop, save by making bigger investments in fall styles which typically have longevity from season-to-season.



Bobby---high-resBy Bobby Ciletti, travel and lifestyle expert and founder of Twitter @BobbyCiletti


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