By Bobby Ciletti

Whether you are by the pool, walking to work or wanting to enhance your summer look, summer and sunglasses are an essential combination. Even though it is such a small accessory, it can harmoniously infuse style along with an array of benefits, dramatically transforming your look. This definitely makes it the “must have” staple of the season. While benefits like polarized lenses never go out of style, certain trends come and go. Here out the best shade styles for summer 2017.

Get ready to play throwback Thursday in your closet. Go through your drawers because the shield shades of the 2000s are back. The shield shade is versatile and works on many faces. It is perfect for providing maximum coverage from the summer sun. The shield shade is broad in concept so it leaves room for you to find the pair that works for you and your face type. Pay attention below for more help on selecting shield shades based on the shape of your face.

Tinted lenses in every color are popping up in every area of the country. Getting to see color in fashion from head to toe is such a fun trend for summer. Colored lenses are a great idea, especially when you need to amp up a mostly neutral look. Dark lenses can be very heavy feeling so this is a great alternative.

When it comes to chic summer eyewear nothing really plays the part as well as white. It is so versatile and screams summer. White is a great way to stand out from the crowd without picking anything too ostentatious.

Speaking of flashy, a more cutting-edge look that will surely get you more attention is this trend. While it is not always the most practical, for the right person it can be a lot of fun. Think robotic glam, mixed materials and unusual lens-frame configuration.

A classic that never goes out of style, aviators really need no introduction. A good pair of aviators should make its way into everyone’s sunglass rotation.

The oversized trend has been solid for a while and for good reason. They look great on many face types and hide your face by monopolizing much of its real estate.

Bobby Says …
Frame your face using the shape that’s right for you. A diamond-shaped face is a pair of sunglasses’ best friend because it is the most versatile face shape for frame styles and size. Oval-shaped faces can wear virtually every option but you may want to avoid circular frames. Heart-shaped faces and aviators are perfect together. If you have a square-shaped face, seek out curvy or oval frames. Round-shaped faces look great in something with edges so look for rectangular or square frames.