AJ Pritchard, the 24 year old Ballroom Dancing Phenomenon, is preparing to take the UK floor with his Get On The Floor! Nationwide tour. In promoting the upcoming event which will feature shows all throughout the UK March 3rd-12th Pritchard teased the different styles of dance people can expect to see…

“I’ll be dancing specifically with a ballroom Latin partner but there’ll be everything from street dance, tap, commercial, contemporary… lots of stuff you might not see on Strictly,” AJ told the MailOnline.

“I want it to be challenging to me, too. I am not an expert in all types of dance. And I will definitely be mixing.

Pritchard is most famous for his three-season appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, a British dancing competition show which features celebrities who pair with professional dancers and compete in a dancing competition. On the latest season, Pritchard partnered with Pasha Kovalev for an episode and debuted, along with Karen Clifton and Katya Jones, the first same sex dance performances on the show.

In discussing his upcoming tour, Pritchard said…

“With dance you definitely want to see a classic waltz, for example, with a male and female. It’s traditional. But we will be doing a guys’ section. Because it’s not about gender. It’s about movement to music.

“And it’s very powerful to see two guys creating a strong impact doing a Stomp The Yard-type routine. It’s about creating art on a floor.

“Sometimes it’s more powerful to see that than watching a guy and a girl dance.”

Find more information about the Get On The Floor! Nationwide Tour here!

By Dirk Smith