Worried about your waistline? Here’s my easy guide to staying fit in the workplace.

A huge factor in our fight against obesity is our day job – so many of us sit at our desks and do nothing energetic for as many as 40 or 50 hours a week! At those numbers it’s no wonder obesity is on the rise. So how do we avoid becoming another statistic?

The answer is simple. You need to move more and cut down on the energy you consume. If you’re stuck behind a desk, your caloric requirements are fewer and extra calories will be stored as body fat.

We are designed to move, so the more you get moving, the quicker you will see results. That doesn’t mean you need to spend all your spare time in the gym either. Even the most dedicated gym junkies spend only a small slice of their lives in the gym – four per cent, in fact – and that’s if you’re in the gym for an hour a day every day of the year!

To achieve great results, you need to be smart about what you’re doing in your day-to-day routine – after all, that time amounts to 95 percent of your life!

Top three tips to stay fit at work:

Go for a walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator or get off the bus a couple of stops earlier. Take advantage of things around you and try to cram in exercise wherever you can. Park benches and sets of stairs provide ample opportunity to get your heart rate racing and stoke your fat-burning fire. It all adds up!

Take your lunch to work at least three times a week. Don’t get caught unprepared or having to eat on the run. It’s a fitness slippery slope when you’re relying on your local café or fast food joint to serve you healthy food every day.

Try drinking water only (no other beverages at all) three times a week. Not only will it hugely improve your hydration levels, but it’ll stop sugary drinks inhibiting your fat loss. Cut down on sugar and watch the weight fall off.

Lastly, avoid believing fitness nonsense. You absolutely, positively never need 60 minutes for a workout! Studies prove HIIT (high intensity internal training) can achieve great results in as little as 15 minutes a session. The trick is to just get off your butt and do something!

Mark Moon is one of today’s leading health, wellness, and fitness trainers, Blood Type Diet expert and creator of the Get Fit Fast online fitness and lifestyle program. To learn more about Mark Moon and GET FIT FAST please visit www.markmoonfitness.com.



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