The Sports Diversity Leadership Council made a lot of positive progress in 2018. Here are highlights of the year’s activities:

We’ve held the Compete Sports Diversity Awards every year since, taking it to Phoenix, Atlanta, Los Angeles twice, Denver, Kansas City and Scottsdale. And every year the event’s gotten bigger as major league team sports have begun to recognize the power of LGBTQ+ sports – I like that! Partners at the 2018 Petey Awards included the local Arizona Cardinals, the Arizona Coyotes, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the National Football League (NFL).

Compete has always kept a focus on everyday LGBTQ+ and ally recreational athletes, telling their stories and those of the leagues that have welcomed them to play. Compete has also always been generous with its time and money to help the LGBT+ sport community grow. It’s donated over $200,000 in cash, SDLC scholarships and in-kind donations and sponsorships. That’s FABULOUS! It’s the reason I’m so proud to represent Compete!

So if you haven’t already joined the Compete Sports Diversity Leadership Council, do it!- Petey