The Sports Diversity Leadership Council will be hosting the Inaugural Sports Diversity Congress in conjunction with the Sin City Classic Sports Festival on January 17th, 2019 from 1-4pm.

The Sports Diversity Leadership Council, a division of Media Out Loud, LLC, is a member-based organization whose mission is to “train tomorrow sports leaders today” through its Sports Diversity Leader (SDL) designation, organization certification and member opportunities.

The SDLC recently formed its Strategic Partnership Advisory Committee that focuses on business development, membership building, sales and professional sports teams. Angela Smith, ASANA commissioner will chair the committee and be joined by Terri Goddard, the 2019 Gay Softball World Series Kansas City’s director of fundraising/special events and by Uber’s Ian Johnston.

The tenants of the Sports Diversity Leadership Council are Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Acceptance, and Leadership.

All athletes of the Sin City Classic are welcome to attend the Sports Diversity Leadership Conference, Registration is FREE for the first 50 participants of the Sin City Classic using the code “SDLCFREE”

 Sign up here and see you in January!