In his 60 second commercial feature, a group of black people in a segregated bar listen to a radio broadcast of a Brooklyn Dodger’s game in 1947. The year that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and became a Major League Baseball player. “Baseball is a Game of Impact” the female narrator says and she describes how a single hit can inspire various reactions among players and fans.

Featuring footage of Robinson making a game winning hit as the people in the bar cheer and celebrated. The commercial concludes with “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” The ad was voiced by Sharon Robinson who is Jackie’s daughter and vice chair of the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

The commercial is an ad for Budweiser who launched the spot to celebrate the start of Baseball season and to honor the year in which Robinson would have turned 100. As a part of the campaign, Budweiser also released beer bottles featuring his jersey number “42” with black and white coloring and red stitching resembling a baseball. In addition, for each bottle of the beer sold, Budweiser will donate 42 cents of the purchase to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, which works to help minority students pursue higher education. The money will help the foundation open the Jackie Robinson Museum in Manhattan.

In addition to the Jackie Robinson ad, both Spike Lee and and Sharon Robinson created a three minute version of the commercial to highlight various community advocates including Amanda Nguyen of RISE and Arielle Kandel of New Women New Yorkers.

By Dirk Smith