Cool off with Flagstaff, AZ own Jonas Raynsford who was our MVP in July of 2015.

Hometown: Flagstaff, Arizona.

Current Residence: Same as above.

Sport(s): Lacrosse, CrossFit, cycling.

Favorite Athlete: Kurt Warner; David Beckham; Jerry Hill (A few inspire me).

Favorite Team: Phoenix Suns.

Interests: Writing, CrossFit, my dog, my family, hiking, swimming, breast cancer and AIDS awareness.

Best Physical Feature: My legs/bottom or my eyes/lips – hard to pick.

Why You Love Sports: The constantly evolving challenges which keep me fit as well as the competition.

Sports Played: Collegiate lacrosse, track and CrossFit.

Greatest Personal Achievement: Seeing my niece or nephew smile when I walk in the room to pick them up. Helping out the people of Mongolia.

Athletic Achievements: Anytime I break through a hard lift or have competed. It’s the steps that matter, not the medal.


Photo Courtesy of Jonas Raynsford