Featured in our 2019 Sin City Classic issue!

The Compete Sports Diversity Leadership Council (SDLC) is the ADVOCATE for Sports Diversity through its IDEAL Principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Acceptance and Leadership. The IDEAL Principles are the powerful core of the organization and each new member is asked to sign an agreement to abide by them.

The SDLC educates and unites its members to build a more powerful and prosperous sports community. The SDLC not only connects recreational and professional sports organizations, it also connects sports leaders with their peers and with corporate and community partners, sponsors, and travel and tourism providers.

At the heart of the SDLC educating and uniting its members are the Sports Diversity Leadership (SDL) Designation Program, Member Certification Program and SDLC Huddles (influencers). Educational opportunities include conferences, one-on-one mentoring, webinars and virtual courses.

First Quarter 2019 Initiatives

  • January 17 Conference at Sin City Classic
  • January 17 Selection 2019 SDLC Non-Profit Partner
  • January 17 SDLC Sports Survey
  • January 17 SDL Online Course 1 Launch:  Introduction to Leadership
  • February 9 First Quarter Member Call
  • February 15 SDL Online Course 2 Launch: Types and Roles of Sports Leaders
  • February 23 Huddle Influencer; Tournament Builder
  • March 1-3 Leadership Committee Huddle; Phoenix, Arizona
  • March 15 SDL Online Course 3 Launch: Working with a Board

Additional Initiatives to Be Added