Dressed in finesse and ready to impress (okay, no more rhymes). The salsa duo, Jonathan and Jorge, took to the stage at the season three premier of World of Dance on Tuesday night as the show’s first ever same-gender dance pair.

The pair hail from Orlando, Florida and Lima, Peru and have been training together since 2017. They won second place at the 2017 World Salsa Championships and placed 3rd overall at the 2018 World Salsa Summit. Both events have a division specifically for same gender pairs to compete, making it one of the highest profile world dance competitions that are gay inclusive. In an interview with Out.com leading up to the World of Dance premier, Jonathan and Jorge shared…

“We want to bring awareness to the same-gender dance community,” the pair told Out. “We want everyone to see that same-gender dancing can be just as strong and impactful as traditional dancing. We want people to see us and like or dislike us as dancers and not simply because we’re two men dancing together. We just wanna dance.”

While Jonathan and Jorge have known each other through the dance community. They officially “met” as dance partners when they were partnered at the Orlando Salsa Congress in 2017. Jorge asked Jonathan for assistance in a specific lift for a photo op and the two found chemistry with each other as dance partners that has led them since.

The pair debuted on “World of Dance” and received positive and constructive feedback from the judges, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough. They ended their routine with a score of 88.7 out of 100. Despite not having a perfect score, Jonathan and Jorge were happy overall with their performance and the impact they hope to make on same-gender dance. Watch their performance below!

By Dirk Smith