I was thrilled when Compete asked me to interview openly gay personality Ross Mathews. I have been a long-term fan of Ross. I’ve admired his courage and bravery to just be himself so I was happy to learn more about him, especially his passion for the Seattle Seahawks.

Michael Losier: I’m so excited to talk to you. You are the first official gay superhero. You’re talented, you’re courageous, brave, focused and determined. I love how you love yourself, and honestly, the way you love your dog, the way you love Salvador [stylist Salvador Camarena], the way you love your trivia and interestingly, the way you love the Seahawks.

Ross Mathews: Yes, you know I love hard. I’m glad you finally said I’m a gay superhero — someone had to say it. Really, I do love hard and you know I have loved the Seahawks, literally, since before I could talk.

ML: Good for you. I have a personal question about the Seahawks. You know sports teams are needing to become more conscious about diversity and about being gay-friendly. You know sports diversity is what Compete Magazine is based on and they’re doing a lot of great work on that. So tell me about the Seahawks’ diversity toward their audience, someone like you and me. Do you want to tell me a little bit about that?

RM: Oh, well I never thought about it – it just never occurred to me that I couldn’t be a sports fan and it also never occurred to me that the Seahawks would ever know who I was. But I’m lucky enough now that the Seahawks and I tweet each other every game day. On my last birthday they posted a big “Happy Birthday, Ross” on Instagram.

I also know that for Pride they changed their Twitter avatar to a Seahawk rainbow. They’ve been really inclusive and I think it’s important. Just like sports, the NFL in particular has really had to step it up in terms of talking about women’s issues and appealing to women, broadening that message. I think the NFL, especially the Seahawks have done a good job of broadening their message to the LGBT community.

ML: Yes, and I also like what the Seahawks are doing with you. They’re doing it not just because they want publicity so they can get in the paper; they’re doing it because they like you, right? You’ve done a great job. I’m just so proud of you; you’re a really hard worker.

RM: Thank you.

ML: Tell me who your favorite Seahawks player is.

RM: Well, I love Russell Wilson because he’s an incredible athlete and competitor. And he’s gorgeous! But my favorite Seahawk probably has to be Jon Ryan. I met him on the sideline at the NFC championship game the year the Seahawks won the Super Bowl playing against San Francisco.

He came up to me and we started talking. He said you know who you guys could hook me up with is one of your co-hosts from “Chelsea Lately,” Sarah Colonna. I said if you win this game, tweet me and I’ll tell her she has to date you. So they did, he did, I did and now they’re engaged and I’m performing the ceremony in Cabo this summer.

ML: Wow, that’s great. You’re so embraced by everybody – I really love that. Now I want to ask you a couple of Hollywood questions. Lets’ talk about “E! Live from the Red Carpet.” Tell me something people might want to know. Who was your favorite person to interview on the red carpet?

RM: Ever since I was a little kid I used to dream about being on the red carpet. I used to watch the Golden Globes and Oscars at my house up in Mount Vernon, Washington. I remember my mom bought me an old red towel from the thrift store and we put that down on the front porch.

ML: I can picture that towel wrapped around you like you were dressing up for the Oscars.

RM: Oh, no. We put it down as our red carpet. So I’ve always been obsessed with it. What I love about the red carpet is that it’s every bit as glamorous as you’d ever wanted it to be. But the stuff that I kind of get a kick out of – you look to the left and you see glamorous movie stars; you look to the right and you see porta potties. You know, it really helps keep you grounded, like you still exist in this world.

ML: I can see how you have attracted one thing after another. And when things changed, like the Chelsea Lately thing, that wasn’t a sad time for you. It’s like you knew that there were other things. You just keep attracting great things; you do such great work with your body. So tell me about your attractions. Would you say you’re a good attractor?

RM: Well, I’m really good at pivoting. Pivot really is a motto of mine. You know, I think in life successful people don’t question why, they just pivot and adjust and make the best of.

ML: Yes, saying “that’s what happened, let’s move on.”

RM: Well in addition to “that’s what happened, let’s move on,” there’s also “here’s what the universe is giving me so how can I make this the best possible thing so the universe will give me something else and something more.”

ML: I love that.

RM: You know, I also think when you do that, you never find yourself confined in a box because you reveal different aspects of yourself as you go along, and suddenly you become multi-faceted. Who would have thought 14 or 15 years ago that Ross the Intern could have had a career this long. But I always knew I would because I knew what was there – I just had to show other people

ML: I want to acknowledge the work you’re doing with your workout. I’ve been following you for awhile. I see you taking pictures of your food and you’re eating healthy. Tell me two things you’re doing that are really helping you.

RM: Well, I’ve done every diet – I’ve done it on TV, I’ve done it in private – I mean everything you can think of, I’ve done. And the reason that this is working for me is because I told myself I can eat as much as I want. I’m eating as much protein and vegetables as I want as well as a limited amount of fruit.

Another is keep moving. When you call your mom, walk around the neighborhood. Just when you would be sitting, try to move. So I’ve done that, and since mid-November I’ve lost almost 45 pounds. I’m almost under 200 pounds and that’s a good place for me.

ML:  Just when I think you’ve covered all the ground, you’re on to something else. So tell me a big project you’re working on.

RM: Well, “Hollywood Today Live” is my daily gig and it’s something I always wanted. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be on live TV during the day and talk to big celebrities. I’ve been in late night for 15 years so to now be coast-to-coast, across the nation every morning live, where they can’t tell me what I can and cannot say is wonderful.

I wake up in the morning and I don’t know who I’m going to talk to. Like yesterday I talked to Marsha Clark from the O.J. Simpson trial, today I interviewed George Lopez.

ML: Wow. Congratulations on all of your success Ross.  This has been fascinating. You are truly the first gay superhero. Thank you.


By Michael Losier



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