The Washington Redskins have been caught in a debacle stretching back to the early 1990’s and possibly even further. Many argue that the name itself is offensive, while others say the imagery depicted in the logo is what they find most abhorrent. Some say both.

As you can imagine, the public relations team for the Washington Redskins has been in a state of flux these past months. Between death threats and nightmare scenarios related to simple tweets, the Redskins organization had to do something big to get noticed in a positive. Today, they have attempted to do just that by launching a website known as to help dispel false rumors and facts about the name itself.

While the team here at Compete cannot vouch for the veracity of the facts on the website, some of them presented are very interesting. According to the website ninety percent of Native Americans actually support keeping the name, and are not offended by it. How they managed to poll ninety percent of a disenfranchised minority group in today’s America is unknown. Check the website for yourself and remember: like everything else in life the issues are multi-faceted and deserve a closer inspection.