#TransgenderDayOfVisibility is honored annually on March 31st as a day to bring awareness and education to fight against anti-trans discrimination and to honor our transgender friends in the community. All of us here at Compete Sports Diversity honor our transgender friends and athletes but visibility is about so much more. We’ve covered quite a few stories about transgender athletes and transgender sports this past year, a lot has been happening in sports. Check out some of the biggest stories we’ve covered…

There’s a lot each of us as an individual can do to fight discrimination of transgender people.

  • Be supportive. Openly Trans, USA National Team athlete Chris Mosier suggests sharing positive messages, highlight videos and stories of your favorite trans-athlete or person. Recognize their accomplishments and share their story, (with their consent of course.)
  • If you are unsure over a person’s preferred pronouns, just ask! Be respectful and use their preferred pronouns when referring to them. If you make a mistake (we all do) then apologize and correct yourself.
  • Fight against discrimination. Remember, hate only promotes hate. You can’t fight hate with more hate, but if you see or hear anti-trans behavior, language, actions, discrimination or violence, you can stand up to it and take action. Be especially mindful of transgender women and people of color who statistically are at an increased risk of violence.
  • Educate yourself. The best way us allies can best learn how to support our transgender friends is to learn more about them. Take the time to get to know transgender people in your community, get involved with community programs/ causes to make friends and don’t be afraid to ask, “what can I do to help?”

Keep your eyes open, because the next 5 years in sports will be defined by the rise of trans athletes across all sports and potentially at the Olympic Games.

By Dirk Smith