Racing Pride is an organization that promotes visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex and transgender participants in motorsports by creating a network of drivers, coaches, and industry partners.

Having found inspiration from Stonewall’s #RainbowLaces campaign the organization was co-founded by Richard Morris who currently competes as a racer on the RGB Sports 1000 Championships tour with Spire Sports Cars, and journalist Christopher Sharp. In an interview with Autosport, Morris shared that Racing Pride was…

“an opportunity for motorsport as a whole to show it wants to be an inclusive and positive environment for LGBTQ+ people.”

“I want Racing Pride to put in place the role models for people entering motorsport in whatever capacity, whether as drivers, with teams or as fans, that so far haven’t been there,” he added. “It will link up people who felt they had nobody else they could talk to and show they’re not alone in motorsport.”

Racing Pride has already signed on transgender racer Charlie Martin of Le mans Cup and W Series frontrunner Sarah Moore as Racing Pride’s first driver ambassadors. In addition, Team Parker Racing serves as one of the industry partners that have launched their support for Racing Pride. The organization made its officially debut at the Silverstone 500 round of the British GT Championships.

Racing Pride is part of Stonewall UK’s initiatives to promote LGBTQI inclusion in sports which also included the #RainbowLaces campaign. Kristy Clarke, Stonewall UK’s director of sport shared that Racing Pride’s “trailblazing work in helping create a more inclusive culture in sport”.

She added: “Sport is one area where lesbian, gay, bi and trans people often feel unwelcome, or even excluded, not only as participants but even cheering in the crowds.

“It’s extremely important that we kick discrimination out of sports – and we’re keen to work with more sport organisations who want to come out for LGBT and make sport everyone’s game.”

1996 Formula One champion, Damon Hill shared that Racing Pride represents…

“a great step towards making motorsport a more inclusive environment”, and emphasised his belief that such a scheme was necessary.

“Motorsport has only ever asked that people give their best, whether they’re drivers, engineers, mechanics or organisers,” said Hill.

“If people from the LGBTQ+ community in motorsport feel it’s a difficult place for them to do that, it’s incumbent upon all of us to change those conditions.

“That’s why I’m supporting Racing Pride and look forward to the day that they no longer have to campaign for acceptance.”

Since the launch this past weekend, Racing Pride is attracting more interest and involvement from industry partners who will join with the organization throughout the month of June, including the 750 Motor Club.

By Dirk Smith