Meet Team Say Maybe. Recently featured in Compete Sports Diversity, the racing duo, Say Maybe, was co-founded by two best friends Kristina Nungaray and Jules Bursee. Together, these two coaches and queer athletes are dedicating the year ahead to bringing LGBTQ+ visibility to endurance racing. The duo will be competing in over 21 different endurance events across twelve months spanning across marathons, half marathons, trail races, road races, open water races, triathlons, swim meets, and ultra-races. The team’s goal for this year of racing is to highlight LGBTQ+ representation in endurance racing and to take up space while creating space for others. The duo aims to inspire people to immerse themselves in spaces and do hard things in places that they feel aren’t meant for, or welcoming to them, and to build a sense of community in these spaces.

The aim of Say Maybe is to create community through movement with a mantra of moving forward always. The team has committed to spending the year building community through free movement-based initiatives. First up is The Queer Collective, an LGBTQ+ (and friends!) running club in Jersey City, NJ. Launching on June 21, 2022, runners and walkers of all fitness levels are welcomed to meet the duo for a casual out-and-back run. These weekly runs will be a place for making new friends, falling in love with movement, and offering a new social outlet to the community at large. Additionally, beginning in July 2022, Team Say Maybe will be implementing a free training program for first-time hopeful triathletes, programmed by the racing and coaching duo. Together, the pair will train with these aspiring triathletes for a Fall Sprint triathlon that will be raced together. Say Maybe is also forming an all-queer racing team to complete its first Ragnar race, Ragnar Trail New Jersey from September 30 – October 01, 2022. Team Say Maybe remains dedicated to taking up space through inclusive, community-building movement, and invites anyone interested in participating to join them as they launch these community-based activations and more throughout the year. To stay up to date on upcoming free training programs, running clubs, and fitness events, follow the team on Instagram at @Teamsaymaybe.

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