Meet Team Say Maybe, a racing duo co-founded by two best friends Kristina Nungaray and Jules Bursee, recently featured in Compete Magazine, Jersey City Times, and Out in Jersey. Together, these two coaches and queer athletes have dedicated the year to bringing LGBTQ+ visibility to endurance racing and fostering a sense of Community through physical movement. The duo will be toeing the start line of several events in 2022, spanning across marathons, half marathons, trail races, road races, open water races, triathlons, and ultra races all with the goal of promoting queer visibility and raising funds for LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations.

The team’s goal for this year of racing is to highlight LGBTQ+ representation in endurance racing and to take up space while creating space for others. In doing so, the duo aims to inspire people to immerse themselves in spaces, and do hard things in places that they feel aren’t meant for, or welcoming to them. Beginning August 29, the team will be offering “Try To Tri: A Say Maybe Triathlon Program.” This will be a free, six week triathlon training program for first time triathletes programmed and coached by the duo. Together, the pair will train with these aspiring triathletes for a Fall Sprint triathlon that will be raced together, in an effort to promote that any ‘body’ can do hard things, and that everyone deserves to take up space. This program is open to all interested participants, despite their geographical location, as coaching materials will be delivered electronically, and coaching calls will take place virtually.

Community is at the heart of everything the team represents. The pair recently launched a queer running club, The Queer Collective, in Jersey City, NJ where they both live and train, promising first-time and long-time runners that this run club is an inclusive space for all. They are also forming an all queer racing team to complete its first Ragnar race, Ragnar Trail New Jersey (Sept. 30 Oct OJ, 2022). Team Say Maybe remains dedicated to taking up space through inclusive, community-building movement, and invites anyone interested in participating to join them as they launch these community-based activations and more throughout the year.

Photo Credit: Kristina Nungaray & Jules Bursee – Team Say Maybe