Last July, professional wrestlers Kiera Hogan and Diamente went public with their relationship, becoming the first same sex couple and professional wrestling duo. Now the couple is back in the headlines as they have become the first openly LGBTQI couple to win a wrestling tag team championship.

The athletes took part in the WOW Women of Wrestling event under the name “Fire and Adrenaline” where they went up against their opponent the “Monsters of Madness” in the season finale event. The Monsters of Madness have been a dominant force in the league throughout the season whereas Adrenaline and Fire only recently became a team. Their performance in the ring and their relationship has quickly made them into a fan favorite.

WOW has been a new and active representation of professional wrestling for women that has been on television for two seasons now. The all women’s event has been full of epic battles, talented athletes and memorable moments that have kept fans right in on the drama.

During the epic final battle, Fire pinned Monsters of Madness’ own “Hazard” to clinch the win for the couple who quickly celebrated the end of the fight, having come out on top. However, in true pro wrestling fashion, the celebration was cut short as three new wrestlers took a dramatic entrance to the ring as new challengers for the next season.

Hogan and Diemente are only one of two openly LGBTQI pro wrestling couples, following in the footsteps of Killian McMurphy and Sonny Kiss. With Hogan and Diamente being the first LGBTQI couple to win the championship. While Fire and Ice will have plenty of time to celebrate their victory, will there title be safe come season 3? We are eagerly awaiting the WOW Women of Wrestling Season 3 Premier Date announcement on AXS TV.

By Dirk Smith