At the end of every year comes the start of a brand new year. And many begin that uncharted territory with the requisite New Year’s Eve resolutions. These well-intended resolutions have us vowing for improvement of one kind or another in various areas of our lives. And yet almost immediately, we begin breaking them in January. At that point, since they haven’t made it through the first month of the year, most people choose to abandon their resolutions entirely.

So how do you avoid setting yourself up for failure and other resolution pitfalls? Instead of changes on a grand level, focus on something manageable and scalable, where the difference between failing and succeeding is not so stark. After all, the only thing that is constant is change. So lighten the self-imposed pressure of a resolution with these broader lifestyle changes for a 2017 that is better, not broken.

If you have been looking to change your personal style, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to start. Whether you acquired new clothing during the holidays or are taking advantage of the post holiday sales, you can use this moment as a catalyst to change up your style. As the seasons progress, you can continually comb through your wardrobe to make room from your evolving style.

Maybe you did not take as good of care of yourself in 2016 as you should have? Forgot to moisturize or maybe didn’t pay attention to applying SPF? Start the year off with a facial to identify skin concerns. And with rising rates of skin cancer, by all means see a dermatologist and have a body check. Next, visit a department store or skin store and talk to experts who can be helpful in finding products for your personal skin concerns. Start by finding and implementing a simple routine with three products or less and build from there.

Not getting enough sleep is something that plagues one-in-three adults according to the Center for Disease Control. Sleep is a fundamental component to healthy living. If you are concerned you are not getting enough sleep, talk to a healthcare provider. Also evaluate your bedroom. Consider what adjustments you can make there to have a better night’s sleep. A new mattress could be the right start and with so many emerging mattress companies out there it is a simple fix. Most of these companies like Casper, Nest or Cocoon offer easy shipping and return options, so it is worth a try.

When you think nutrition, try to avoid the concepts of diet or weight loss – these resolutions are among the most frustrating and breakable. Instead, focus on nutrition as a whole. Ask yourself questions, like do you eat out more than you cook? Do you have a balanced diet? Do you skip meals? Have you ever checked yourself for nutritional deficiencies or food reactions? Even as a healthy eater you could be surprised to learn you have some land mines hidden within your diet.

Bobby Says …
Another way to approach the New Year’s resolution pitfall is to pick a theme instead of specific resolutions. If you want to be more involved, think ENGAGE; if you want new experiences, pick DIVERSITY. The good and perhaps the most rewarding news for the New Year’s resolution dilemma is that you cannot break a theme, only contribute to it. It is a much more rewarding strategy to begin your brand new year!



Bobby---high-resBy Bobby Ciletti, travel and lifestyle expert and founder of Twitter @BobbyCiletti