Retired Professional Soccer Player Robbie Rogers and his husband, Director Greg Berlanti officially announced and welcome their second child on Instagram by sharing some cute photos of their new born, Mia Barbara Rogers-Berllanti.

Welcome to the world,” Berlanti said on Instagram. “Our hearts and our family have grown even larger.“

Berlanti explained they chose the name “Barbara” after their newborn’s late mother’s name.

‘The “Barbara” is for my amazing Mom,’ he said. ‘Who, though she’s not here to share in this moment, will be watching over her granddaughter Mia forever— and laughing as Robbie and I figure out the parenting skills she mastered so perfectly.’

Rogers also shared photos of Baby Mia on his Instagram account. In February 2016 Berlanti and Rogers welcomed their first son via surrogacy. The couple has been together since 2013 and got married in December 2017.

By Dirk Smith